Monday, January 12, 2009

Thinking about food and my childhood

Well how's that for a specific post title.

I am in the mood for some simple cooking today. So I had a look on the interwebs for a recipe and found one from my childhood - Weetbix and marshmallow slice. And that's what I'm going to do in a minute once lunch is ready. I am amazed that none of my friends have ever heard of what I think of as a quintiscential Australian food (Weetbix slice that is) so maybe I'll convince them?

It got me thinking (again) about food that I ate as a child. Handmade bread, lots of meat-and-three-veg, lots of eggs, and pikelets, and beef stroganoff, and nasi goreng from a box, lasagne from homemade bolognese, tinned two fruit and icecream, meatloaf, chicken legs, gluten steaks, gluten patties in tomato sauce, Anzac biscuits, ... it goes on.

With the move away from eating at home and towards eating out, where we tend to eat the Same Dish regardless of where we eat, and where eating different cuisine is not the indulgence it used to be.

Oh look - it's a privelege example. Again.

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Not Jenny said...

I have never heard of Weetabix slice. I did eat a lot of Rice Krispy Cake while I was growing up, though.
My mom worked full-time while I was growing up so I remember a lot of Shake and bake pork chops with steamed potatoes for dinner. For special occaisions my mom would make lasagne. Her recipe calls for regular noodles, but you don't preboil them. I still make it her way.
I cook a lot more things than my mom did and as a result of a rabid addiction to the Food Network, much more adventurous in the kitchen.

(I am very curious about the weetabix slice...I might just have to try it.)