Sunday, August 22, 2010

How about that election...

No it's not a post about the election. It's been written about so much better in so many other places. But what it does mean is that we are seriously thinking about emigrating somewhere else. Not just because The Mad Monk may get into power - that won't be known for a while yet. And not just because the whole country has gone crazy and can't decide whether it's Arthur or Martha. But also there is so much crap going around in midwifery and women's health and primary vs tertiary health and control of midwifery and women's choices and SO MANY OTHER THINGS that we are considering seriously moving to New Zealand.

And before Cluttercut smothers me with excited yays, it's still a plan. I might get a graduate position with the Women's and Children's Hospital, or work at the local private hospital instead. I need to provide for my family and independant midwifery is just so up in the air and conflicted at the moment that I can't see a way forward with it right now, just a whole lot more confusion and paperwork and nastiness. Practicing as an indy could be exposed and dangerous and at some point, the past 4 years (going to be 5 by the time I finish) of being supported by TheHusband means that I have to also think about giving something back to my family.

So a rough plan is to make plans for the next year and a half, finish my degree and qualify, then move.

Hahahahaha *wipes tears away* yes I make it sounds easy.

I would get a job over there and perhaps TheHusband would be a SAHP (stay at home papa) or else Sally could be cared for (hmmmm nanny perhaps?) and he could work at Bunnings over there. Or do something with the PhD of Doom that should be finished by the end of the month (bwahahahahahahahahahahahaha I'll be over here rolling on the floor laughing about that one). 

So many things to think about. How to pay for it? Can I take my kitty, who's gone everywhere around the country but is 11 years old and I'm not sure if she will be ok with moving countries but how can I leave her behind?

Do we sell our worldly possessions and start again over there? Do we ship stuff over? What's important enough to warrant doing that with (books and clothes only?) and what can stay behind (furniture obviously)?

Are we going permanently? Stepping away from our family and community here and into an unknown? How do we work out where to move to?

Advice? Don't do it? Do it do it do it? Watch this tag for more development.

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