Sunday, January 2, 2011

10 things I won't be doing in 2011

None of this resolution stuff. Here's a list of things I won't do instead!
  1. Give up coffee. Or tea. I love them both and enjoy them.
  2. Take up eating chocolate. I'm not going to apologise for it but - I do not like chocolate. It does not like me if it's anything fancier than Cadbury. I don't like it or need it in my life. 
  3. Floss more often. I find it a really horrible feeling and it is disgusting to do and I've never had a prolem with my teeth because of it so why bother? I hate going to the dentist as it is, without also adding the trauma of squeaking floss every day.
  4. Do some extreme sport! No bungy jumping, skiing, skydiving for me.
  5. Eat coriander. I detest the stuff and refuse to eat it.
  6. Get into vampire stories more. Yawn.
  7. Commit to losing weight - I refuse to play that game with myself or society. If my thighs offend, avert your eyes.
  8. Call people more often. I hate speaking on the phone and hope people don't mind email, FB, text, smoke signals etc.
  9. Assume that I can do more, financially, physically and mentally, then survive this year. It is going to be a FULLON one and I'll need my A-game just to get through it so nothing extra - no budgeting to achieve dizzy financial heights of success, no grand plans to expunge the clutter from my life, no writing novels or giving speeches either.
  10. Get divorced, move house or have another baby.
10 things I might do, especially if asked though:
  1. Pose for my photographic friend Billie - you can see her amazing photos on her new website and there are a few of me too! Because being behind the lens most often, means that there are few photos of me!
  2. Read a book that doesn't have to do with midwifery, parenting or babies.
  3. Go for a swim in the freezing cold, just off the iceberg from Antarctica water that inhabits the coast near Adelaide. It is COLD and I don't like it.
  4. See any friend that asks me - tea, opshopping and so forth is fun and I want to hold my spare time close!
  5. Write to people more often.
  6. Take a photo a day. I may only publish once a week though.
  7. Get a good night's sleep.
  8. Order lamb from Wychwood, and maintain our subscription to Food Connect.
  9. Have an anticonsumerist year - undies, presents, food and fuel are fine, but continuing with 2010 where minimal stuff was bought in the shops.
  10. Go to the zoo.

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