Friday, March 11, 2011

Tomorrow will be my dancing day...

Well tomorrow is Sally's first birthday. But today, I want to write about me.

This time last year, I was getting into labour land. I had my first contraction at 2am in the morning, and was gently working up to birthing a babe. I did a belly cast, ate a lovely meal, watched some movies, swayed and breathed and worked to bring my amazing nearly 1 year old earthside.

It was freaking hard work. Harder than I anticipated. But I did it and I became a mother in the wee hours of tomorrow morning.

Tomorrow is a celebration of Sally, in all of her feisty minded and cheeky cuteness.

Today is about me.

Today is about loving my body for doing the most amazing thing ever. I grew and birthed a whole new person!
Today is about letting myself be ok with the job I'm doing as a mama.
Today is about being amazed at what I've fed, watered and grown over the past year.
Today is about me being ok with my breastfeeding journey.
Today is about measuring what has passed and saying goodbye to it.
Today is about anticipating the amazing year to come - the walking, talking, challenging year to come.

Just wanted to share it, on today the anniversary of my labouring.


Morag said...

Happy birthday wee Sally, and happy birthing day, E. Hugs and kisses from this side of the planet! Xx

Ness said...

So much love to you beautiful mama, your daughter thinks you are the best mama ever and loves you to bits :-D May the coming years bring just as much joy with your daughter as the past year has!

MayerMomma said...

Congratulations on your journey through the last year and 9ish months. I enjoy reading your posts from the other side of what I am currently experiencing as a first time Momma to be. I really enjoyed this entry and it's so great to read about someone celebrating themselves and the process of giving birth, as well as your little ones first year.