Tuesday, October 2, 2012

On being a grown up

TheHusband has some leave this month. After working crazy hours (what, you've not heard me whine about this yet?) and crazy days, and going days without seeing me in sunshine, his job has changed. And he also has leave. How refreshing!

I have clients booked and a new one came to me for next year and I thought hey, we'll take a short holiday, combining the former with the latter. A few days in Queensland perhaps, sun surf and sand, hire a car and visit the grandparents and my parentals, and just chillax a little.

But then - reality hit. We are replacing/upgrading the kitchen in our house. What I designed was simple - 600mm 3-drawer cabinet, 900mm corner cabinet, 900mm straight cabinet, 900mm 3-drawer cabinet, maybe an infill if required, then the stove. Plus two end panels.

I used to do this for a living ;).

Oh and an 800mm wall cupboard with 2 end panels, and a 900mm wall cupboard with 2 end panels. Thus HUGELY increasing our benchspace, storage space and sanity for using our teeny kitchen.

So this is what I designed (A).
This is not what the company ordered (B).
What was ordered was also not what was delivered (C).
What we now needed to achieve The Plan (D).


So instead of spending yesterday ripping out the kitchen and installing bits of it, we spent 3 hours trying to work out A B and C above to achieve D. Which we did and were mighty cranky about.

Anyways, in deciding all of this I also realised that summer is upon us shortly. And while it is brief here, it is harsh and really we are going to want/need some kind of cooling system in our house. We have an old fashioned noisy, inefficient and ugly one. And it won't do much as one of the household members refuses to let it be put on as it's so noisy!

So instead of a trip, we're going to have a staycation, a night at a B&B and a new airconditioner.

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Angie king said...

Hi Emma, found your blog this morning. And I knew it looked and sounded familiar. It's been a few years. Congratulations on your family, daughter and life in general! It was nice reading your posts:-) take care and merry Christmas. Angie King