Sunday, February 22, 2009

Maternity Services Review - what a WASTE of time and what a missed opportunity

It's like asking a vegan and a butcher to work together to improve the lives of animals

Comment made regarding the attachment the report has for the word "collaboration" when it isn't defined, and is completely alien in hospital-delivered maternity care. Many midwives work around obstetricians, many obs expect midwives to be their handmaidens, and the women don't get any continuity of care or carer in many cases.

The Australian article is here. And the actual review is here. I am appalled at stupid things like this:

The Review Team noted that a number of state and territory governments have developedprograms and policies to allow for publicly funded homebirths, under specific conditions. For example, New South Wales Health prescribes comprehensive requirements for homebirths, including safety, monitoring, evaluation, credentialing of the midwife and compliance with incident reporting requirements. While acknowledging it is a preference for some women, the Review Team does not propose Commonwealth funding of homebirths as a mainstream option for maternity care at this time. It is also likely that professional indemnity cover support for a Commonwealth funded model that includes a homebirth setting would be limited, at least in the short term.

Meaning that as of next year, homebirth will be illegal as you would have to have indemnity insurance (the type of insurance that professional medical officers like OBSTETRICIANS have because the Government SUBSIDISES it and therefore it is available to them - two things that are not the case for midwives) (ie it's NOT AVAILABLE and if it was, it'd be heinously $$$ and not suited to midwives anyway).

Remind me to get pregnant in the next 3 months so I can birth at home with a midwife of my choice, without her working illegally.

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