Sunday, July 18, 2010

10 things I have to do this week

Ugh - I'm feeling a tad anxious as I have a HUGE list of things to do this week. So writing them down will help me sleep better.

1. Pay for and pick up our new car!!!!
     It's new to us - 2002 Nissan Pulsar. Which means Saffy is for sale:

    2. Get Saffy detailed, serviced and that little scratch buffed out.
    3. Deposit cheques (ugh I hate having to do that!).
    4. Call my psychologist and get an appointment.
    5. Call my massage therapist and do the same.
    6. Restart my gym membership and go back to classes and aqua and swimming.
    7. Post a lot of packages - yarn, Calorimetry, pattern books, purple shoes, letters, duck charms,
    8. Wait for our tax returns!!!!
    9. Wait for lots of packages and letters to arrive - damn AustPost is sucking the proverbial atm.
    10. Prep for our Christmas in July celebration for next weekend:
    * Menu thoughts? Turkey roll I reckon, and lots of vegetables, and mulled apple juice for drinks.


    Pyrrha said...

    So glad to hear you've found a car, but sad that you have to say goodbye to Saffy. Hope she gets sold soon.

    Hey, do you have deposit ATMs for your bank? We're with C'wealth, and half their ATMs have the capacity to accept deposits - so you can do it at any hour, and don't have to wait in line forever.

    Good luck with your list!

    Anonymous said...

    Do consider not bothering to get the scratch buffed out. My car had a few small scratches and carpark dings when I bought her, so now if I get a scratch I think "Was that there before? Yes probably..." and forget about it. It's so stress-free and I'm glad for one reason I don't own a new car.