Friday, April 29, 2011

Not the royal wedding

I am sitting at home in silence because I cannot stomach watching the royal wedding. I am impressed that a wedding of that size was brought together so quickly - a friend of mine has just announced a save the date for 5.5 years' time! so they can save and get organised - but apart from that, I don't care. I also dislike the amount of attention for what should be a family affair, and am astounded at the hype around it for two people who are already in love, living together occassionally, and so forth, formalising their arrangement. I also don't give two hoots about whether she'll be queen, queen mother, king's wife or whatever.

Why yes, repulican here how did you pick?

So to celebrate something far more interesting and important, here is my favourite photo from my wedding day. Self-portrait, at the end of our photo shoot, freezing our legs off by that stage and keen for a spa, some cake and champagne, and our holiday to begin!

We eloped. We had a lovely holiday. It was cold. My dress was orange, not red as the picture implies.

Our rings are titanium but TheHusband damaged his between pallets at work, so I want to replace that with a simpler one sometime soon.

Our wedding was just one day of our lives together. We're coming up to having had 6 lovely years together, 2 married, 5 homes, 1 child and lots of laughs.

I get a bit teary when I hear of Christchurch and the damage to it, as it's a special magical place in my memory. We are really wanting to go back there sometime soon!

So happy wedding day to all who've had one, all who plan one, and all who love them. I hope that any couple marrying today is as happy as we are.


Adele said...

I agree with you, up to a point.

I doubt the wedding has taken only 6 (or whatever) months to put together - the palace no doubt has standard plans that can be put into action (I've read that this may double as a rehearsal for the Queen's funeral and that she's fine with that), has been planning the broader details since William & Kate had the 'One Day' talk, and the public only heard about it when the date was imminent.

I feel very sorry for the couple. They have no choice whether to not get married, or elope for a holiday wedding, or have a quickie registry office thing, or do something unconventional like skydive from one of his helicopters, or wear something unusual eg an orange dress.

To put up with all these restrictions that make an Italian wedding look hippie and face a life in the public eye she must love him very much indeed. I guess that's what I'll be watching.

Adele said...

PS Yes I'm a republican too. I'm fine with the UK having this dysfunctional family as its hereditary head of state and will happily watch a wedding, but I don't think that should have anything to do with Australia.