Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Just to show I'm not crazy

I'll write an update shortly on the life of Emma but for now, let me tell you what I did today. I went and saw a new doctor, under my own steam, and talked about a new treatment modality I'm going to try.

Let me tell you that the idea for a book is burbling around in my head. Because being the victim of a motor vehicle accident, and then coming out the other side of it, is something that you should be warned of at the beginning.

It is truly liberating to go to a doctor today, and not have to hand over my client number or name lawyers. And the doctor I saw cleared up a few thing, namely that I'm not crazy.
  • Yes, the tinnitus is because of my injury. It's inflammation-caused though, which is why it fluctuates.
  • Yes, my arms really are longer! I have complained/commented about this recently and over the past few years, that arms of long sleeved shirts never are long enough. And today the doctor explained that because of my injury I roll my shoulders forward and droop my arms longer!
  • Yes, pain is pain. It's not just "because". It is genuine and NORMAL and treatable and most importantly - is real.
  • Yes the injury I've had to my pelvis and the ongoing symptoms are consistent. I didn't have to convince him of this though which was surprising!
  • Yes my sense of taste and smell have diminished because of inflammation as well - not because I'm crazy.
The treatment I'm having is going to be $$$$ but from what I've heard so far from others enjoying it, and from scouring the internet, it is genuine and offers me a chance to get back to being

I want an unfurrowed brow.
I want to sleep easily.
I want to not feel like I'm always on tenterhooks.
I want some reserves in energy. And mood.

This is aside from wanting my life back.

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Selene said...

I hope you get some relief! And it must be good to go to a treatment free from lawyer crap. Glad you're getting some answers, too. xo