Friday, December 23, 2011

Happy Solstice to me!

Well I have to say that I am still alive (if you're on FB you know this of course as I was described the other day as a "prolific" poster) but in bumping into an old friend yesterday I realised that I have a LOT to update on.

  • My motor vehicle accident compensation case settled. The money has been paid, Centrelink / ATO / the universe has been repaid, and 
  • We bought a new house with the money. Settlement is on 13 January and I'm excited! about it but not looking forward to moving (again for the last time for a while, right?).
  • I did my filing (for the first time, thoroughly, in about 5 years).
  • My baby turned 1 and 3/4.
  • She started walking! and has a lot of words.

  • She had really bad gastro, which we got through by lying on the couch and her going back to being exclusively breastfed. The feedback from the hospital, whom I consulted because she was really sick, for a really long time, was that "breastfeeding saves lives, even here in our country, and I wish more women could do it for toddlers because it'd save them having to be on a drip!".
  • I won $10,000 in a competition and am planning a midwifery clinic in my head!
  • I did a big cull of people on my FB friends list, because there were people there that I felt obligated to have but in reality the wouldn't piss on me if I was on fire give me the time of day. 
  • I bought a new lens for my camera, and have been taking AWESOME photos of births recently. I love love love it and my only regret about my own birth is that I didn't get similarly awesome documentary photos. 
  • So NOT a reason to have another baby though.

  • I finished my degree!! I got that beautiful, system-generated email on Saturday morning, the day before the end of the study period that I was enrolled in. I have received my formal statement of my academic transcript, and have submitted everything to AHPRA for my registration and now am just waiting for some little busy beaver of a public servant to tick one itty box and register me already! That's all I want for Solstice.
  • Which was yesterday and it was a lovely day, even if I did have to work in retail for another Christmas lead up.
  • But my gift to me was that I gave notice to my employer! I finish on 8 January after 5+ years at the House of Bun. I will be sad to leave but onward and upward, right?
  • I put Sally's name down for a new childcare venue in my new local area. That was big and freaky, but even more freaky was getting my daughter's name onto a class list. For 2015. For school. Woh freaky grown up feelings there!
  • Oh we sorted out our wills, power of attorney, superannuation and life insurances. Also a HUGE stroke of very grown up.

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