Thursday, February 2, 2012

So many new things to share...

  • We bought a house. Settling on a house is crazy stressful, not helped at all because the bank misspelled my name. Karon anyone? I was not impressed but was impressed by our financial advisor reading them the riot act and forcing them to work long hours to fix the problem. Although if he'd not fobbed me off 3 days earlier it might not have been the stress it was in the end. It's done now and we're on the path of painting, decorating, and enjoying.
  • We moved house. I hate moving house. On the upside I don't have to do it again for a very. long. time. On the downside, I won't have the urge to purge my worldly possessions anytime soon.
  • I did paint a wall yellow, and TheHusband lovingly painted the kickboard from the 900mm pantry that was a BITCH to install the same colour, and then a friend made a wall decoration with the same colour, aptly named "Happy".
  • I won't feel settled until I have the internet at home though. 3 weeks without it is HARD. I'm in a cafe right now and am sick of telling people that no, I don't have the internet so I can't blog / read their email / write a long detailed message.

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