Sunday, March 4, 2012

Now with monthly posts

Or so it seems. Not intentionally but it's crazy pants time around here.

Yesterday was 2 parties.
Today I slept for a few hours as I have a raging sore throat. Which has now gone.
Between now and the end of April:
- TheChild's birthday
- my birthday
- TheHusband's graduation
- my graduation
- our wedding anniversary
- a wedding!!!
- TheHusband's birthday

as well as a public holiday, and Hot Cross Bun weekend.

I'm also doing more of my Certificate IV in breastfeeding, working, juggling quasi-single parenting during the week with TheHusband's commute, as well as getting my own business underway and feeling like a blob and I'm currently hunting for my diary.

Excuse me while I go to bed so I can get up for a 6:30am gym class o_O.

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