Thursday, August 20, 2009

From Hansard today...

"We have seen a much more progressive attitude in the private sector in Western Australia where the benefits of this legislation will also be immediately utilised. The private sector in Western Australia is poised and ready to deliver community health care to Western Australians in ways that have never been imagined before. I have one large charitable organisation in Western Australia which is currently examining the concept of providing home services which are a virtual hospital. They can employ nurse practitioners and other

health professionals to go out into patients’ homes and provide Medicare subsidised elements of health care ordinarily available only in hospitals. We know that that will have some distinct advantages in assisting people to remain in their own homes. Most of us prefer to be at home than to be admitted to hospital."

This was spoken regarding the nurse practitioners and midwives bill(s) before Parliament at the moment. But not relating to homebirth or midwifery services. This smacks of rank HYPOCRISY - that a Labor member can get the concept that people want to remain at home for health care, but not that they want to birth their babes and start a family in the privacy of said home.

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