Saturday, August 15, 2009

General updates are generally dull

So here are 5 things I want to say:
  1. TheHusband deserves a medal for weeding a lot of the garden yesterday and now it looks slightly less than feral and a bit more like it could grow some things. The orange tree needs to be planted as it's thinking about fruiting.
  2. I had dreams last night about making stewed apricots. What is with dreaming about food?
  3. It is 27C here today. In August. It is freaking GORGEOUS out here on our back patio with the sunshine and a light breeze. This of course means it will be back to winter for the next 3 weeks as punishment but for now I'm enjoying the Spring out here.
  4. I put on my big girl pants the other day and went to the university and chased down a lecturer and got her to sign off on me having an exemption from the two assignments and one workshop that I did last year, so while I have to repeat this subject I don't have to actually repeat it all.
  5. I managed to get a formal dress for a formal dinner this coming Friday night, from a real bridal store (it was weird being in there having never done the Bride-y thing at all!) and it cost me $49 instead of $400. It's gorgeous too. And strapless. And red, just for something different.

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