Monday, August 17, 2009

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I slept for 12 hours last night. I was done done done at 8pm so I went to bed. I woke up at midnight and had a snack and a read for an hour, then Osk got home and I went back to sleep. And woke up at 8am. I am now drinking a coffee while watching the men at the building site behind our house pour cement from a cement mixer into another truck, which then has a LONG hose that goes up up up and then down down down so they can put it in the right spot.

I can see all of this because the back fence to our property belongs to the property behind us. As such, when the old house got pulled down and the block cleared, the load-bearing garden got taken away and so the fence has gradually been falling over into the property behind us. We had crazy weather on Saturday night and then meant one piece has now fallen off and sometime today I'm going to ask the workmen to nail it back up so we can have some (a) privacy and (b) modicum of security.

Just not while I'm in my pjs.

Things I have to do today:
  • bank large cheque
  • deal with uni because they are morons*
  • return some purchases to KMart
  • go to BigW to see if they have better alternatives than the ones I didn't get from KMart
  • do an assignment
  • buy nail scissors seeing as my Favourite Pair have gone missing
  • bug Adelaide University for my payment summary
  • go to gym
Right now I'm going to make oatmeal, the breakfast of champions, and wake TheHusband.

* I went into uni on Thursday. This is a pain in the backside but I went in to ask whether I could get excemption from the two assignments and one workshop I did last year and shoudn't have to do again this year (which I got). In the meantime I asked the enrolments manager to check why my enrolment was dicky. She couldn't see why so said "Unenrol and reenrol and it'll all be fixed". So I did step (1) of that when I got home and then discovered that I can't reenrol as it's after 07/08/09. So I have to get the uni to FIX this when it could have just been DONE on Friday when I was AT UNI. Which I DON'T DO VERY OFTEN as I'm an external student.


Anonymous said...

"bug Adelaide University for my payment summary"

If you need to nag them again, maybe tell them that payment summaries must be issued within 2 weeks of the end of the financial year so you'll report them to the Tax Department.

Emma Someone said...

THey did issue it but ignored my change of address from April and sent it to my old home address so I've had to dick around to get my home address changed and it resent to me.