Saturday, November 7, 2009

Almost to the end

I had plans for Friday morning but instead ended up making sweet sweet love to my LAST ASSIGNMENT FOR THE YEAR and then went to my LAST SHIFT FOR THE YEAR at a hospital and shared an amazing empowering birth with a woman whose previous birth was traumatic and this one was amazing (her words, not my judgement).

I now only have 18 units of my degree to go (oh and two exams and a portfolio but *meh*). I am struggling a bit to just. keep. going when I want to be focused on work and nesting and being pregnant. I have two solid subjects next year to get through, including big placements

Today is a delicious day off. TheMan has gone to the gym to do a double class - RPM then pump. He is bringing coffee home for us though.

Then we need to tidy the house. It is clean, just not tidy. It's the effect of spending 6 months doing 99% of things and discovering that at the end of 6 months, that means there is stuff and things around the house waiting to be put away.

The study is slowly turning into Puggle's Room. I refuse to call it a nursery as I don't plan on nursing in there, and s/he won't be in there by themselves for ages. I will take some photos shortly to show!

The shopping list is shrinking:

  • Nursing and maternity clothes for moi
  • Reusable cloth pads for moi (12 x Regular and 6 large)
  • Mattress protectors x 2 (for our bed)
  • Sheet set x 2 (extra for our bed)
  • Nightlight (actually yes I want a touch lamp for beside the bed and these are hard to find!)
  • Lambskin baby rug
  • Singlet suits x 10
  • Knitted hats x5 (have new book for these! Now to buy some yarn to make them with :)
  • Baby wipes (both disposable and washable)
  • Nappy bucket(s)
  • Thermometer
  • Steriliser (bottle/pump) (want a microwaveable one)
For later:
  • Storage containers for milk/food
  • Training cups
  • Bowls, plates, utensils
  • Teethers/teether toys
  • Teething gel / Razberry
  • Non-slip bath stickers
  • Safety gate
  • Powerpoint plug guards
  • Cupboard & appliance latches
  • Potty
  • Toilet training seat
And a few big things that we want:
  • Chest freezer
  • New car (we have a 3 door hatch at the moment and are going to have to upgrade to a 5 door at some point soon)


Jane1973 said...

I got some nice cloth pads form ebay:) As well a lot's of different things for the baby. You can get breastmilk bags on ebay for a much better price than from the chemist as well:)

Lot's of people sell off bulk lots of baby cloths on ebay when they are decluttering. I've managed to get quite a lot of things that were actually brand new with the tags still attached.

Anonymous said...

3 door hatches are an absolute pain when putting babies/toddlers in the back! I can empathise there!

I highly recommend De lights at Holden Hill (730 North East Road) for finding the touchlampn you're after. They're really nice in there and are usually more than happy to order things in for you if you know what you're after.

Emma Someone said...

zang2424 - they have a great website and I looked at these:

I especially like these ones:

Anonymous said...

Mushroom lamps! They're cute!! =) Didn't realise they had a website!!