Sunday, November 22, 2009

Henna and bellies and exams, oh my!

I have a heap of photos to share but because our internet is dicky at the moment I can't rely on it to stay up long enough to link to them. So I'll do it in dribs and drabs, ok?

Here are some from yesterday, where I hung out with a whole heap of people from Joyous Birth and did a heap of things including having some henna on my hands and belly. Belly shots are to come so here are the hands:

This is the mixture on my hand - it's now a lovely chocolate woody brown and will darken over the new day or so.

Here is my belly cast - Alice did it for me at 23 weeks because I wanted one roughly halfway through, and then at the end. I'll upload a how-to soon!

Here's the bump:

And lastly a photo of the photo we had printed and framed for my FIL's 60th birthday last weekend:

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