Friday, February 5, 2010

Birthing from Within coming to Australia!

If you're interested - PLEASE email Mara to let her know! Especially that we want it here in Adelaide and NOT to have two workshops on the east coast.

From: Mara Dower []

Sent: Thursday, 4 February 2010 9:22 AM
Subject: Birthing From Within Team Come to Australia: EXPRESSION OF INTEREST

Dear Family and Friends

Sorry for the duplicate email but for some reason, the text that was originally attached to the first email, mysteriously disappeared, so there was no content but this flyer. So I do apologise.

So let me try to relay what was first written.

I have the pleasure (with others around Australia I believe) in assisting the Birthing From Within Team in coming out to Australia. It's their first time to Australia, and not sure when they'll be returning so it's an opportunity not to be missed!

To make this viable for them, they're interested in knowing who would like to attend their 3 day workshop. They're also trying to decide what State to run the workshop and whether more than one workshop in different States is viable. (Obviously, I'll be cheering for a Melbourne workshop :-))

For those who don't know Birthing From Within, you can get more information from Pam England has written a book based on her classes that presents a beautiful way to assist mothers in their birthing journey. Birth Art is one of the components of the class, with other gentle and very practical philosophies for mothers & their partners. The Birthing From Within book was the only resource I used for my 2 births (thanks Jacinta for passing this on) and think it's just wonderful.

So this email is an EXPRESSION OF INTEREST and it would be GREATLY APPRECIATED IF YOU COULD FORWARD TO ANY FAMILY/FRIENDS, INTERESTED CONTACTS/NETWORKS, etc. It would be a wonderful gift for any woman that's pregnant.

I would need to know who would like to attend by the end of next week. PLEASE EMAIL ME AT: or phone/text 0403 290 414

Here's some further information the 3 day BFW workshop and approximate cost:

  • The Birthing From Within Introductory Workshop runs for 3 full days, generally Friday morning until Sunday evening (9:00-6:00 each day).
  • The registration fees are as follows:
  • Registering 60 days before to the workshop is $350 USD/$396 AD*
  • Registering 30 days before the workshop is $399 USD/$452 AD*
  • Registering within 30 days of the workshop is $450 USD/$509 AD*
  • *AD - based on current exchange to Australian Dollars
  • The registration fee includes participation in the 3-day workshop, materials and light snacks each day. Participants are responsible for their travel, food and lodging expenses.
  • There is excellent and detailed information about our intro workshop on our website at:
  • The course is for anyone who cares about birth in our culture and is especially focused for birthing professionals, educators, nurses, doctors, midwives, doulas, yoga teachers, holistic health professionals, therapists, lactation consultants, mothers and grandmothers. And, YES -- natural therapists would LOVE the content of this workshop!
  • We would absolutely entertain the possibility of offering two Australian events in Melbourne and Sydney. It just depends upon interest. If there is enthusiastic support for two workshops, we'd be delighted to do them!

For further information, feel free in emailing me and I can get Amanda in the USA to answer any questions.

Your assistance in passing this on is greatly appreciated. I look forward to sharing the BFW workshop with you.

Much Love and Thanks


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