Monday, February 15, 2010

Cloth nappies!

I sorted out Puggle's room today and the nappy stash. We have:

- 14 pocket nappies
- 5 all in ones / snap in ones

- 25 terry toweling flats
- 10 pink liners
- 12 bamboo prefolds (smaller)
- 20 hemp prefolds (larger)
- 5 white nappies to put in covers
- 16 covers (1 Cutie Tooshie, 6 Baby BeeHinds, 9 misc) (different sizes!)
- 1 wool soaker

That is a LOT of nappies and way more than recommended but it was hard to decide which method to go for and then when we'd decided on pocket nappies, people gave us heaps of things! And those things included nappies and the covers.

How many pockets? 7-10 changes, washing every 2nd day, so 20 is the aim and 14 the minimum... ish. So we're not doing too badly there. The AI1s are also there as the second preference at this stage as they have to be washed entirely after each use, though some of them have removable liners that will allow us to get more than 1 change out of them.

Then the prefolds and covers, and the terry toweling flats of old.

Here's a photo!


daharja said...

You can NEVER underestimate how many nappies you need! Really!

I think you'll find you'll need every. single. one of the nappies you have.

Good luck with all the washing - prepare to be inundated! :-) Enlist every helper who volunteers - and everyone who doesn't as well!

Jane1973 said...

I second this:) You can't have too many cloth nappies.

Kate said...

Um... that photograph makes it feel really REAL.


Also, you can never have enough cloth nappies. They make great everythings. My mother still uses some of my original nappies for things, and my nappy pins make GREAT stitch holders for small amounts of stitches ;)

Emma Someone said...

I'm glad to hear people who've actually had experience say that I may or may not have enough! I have been looking at with a list of things people can offer to do - washing is one of them!

Becca said...

I know it's funny, but I love doing the diaper wash more than any other load. I love folding them into neat little colorful stacks. Such fun.