Wednesday, February 3, 2010

General life update

  • I hate this weather. It makes me misearble. I am trying to stay on top of it with Plans For The Day (PFTD) but at 34 weeks pregnant I just want to rest.
  • PFTD:
  1. Make wall buttons to decorate the bedroom
  2. Paint piece of MDF
  3. Make cord ties
  4. Go to Motor Registration and change address on license
  5. Go to post office and check mail - and do ID check for ING
  • 34 weeks today. Pelvis is really playing up - can't sleep on my side, can't sleep on my back. Ugh. Am therefore tired and grumpy.
  • Got a quote on an antenna for the house yesterday. $205 and we'll have tv reception! Woot!
  • Should be able to get our chest freezer this week.
  • Will be sending a letter to Radio Rentals - SA explaining that we are disappointed that we had to practically beg to buy the freezer we wanted on Sunday, as no salespeople were around. Then were told it would be in on Tuesday "definitely". Called up on Tuesday at 4:45pm to ask where it was. It wasn't in. But might be on Wednesday. I should call about midday to see where it was. I suggested that feedback be given to the salespeople that telling me it's available one day, and then not letting me know, and that it may be in tomorrow but that I should follow it up - doesn't inspire me to buy through you again.
Right now I'm going back to bed.

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