Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Resume of what I am

Not what I want to be, or what I'm developing skills in now, but what I am. I stole this from Kate at Craftastrophies, who stole it from a cup of tea and a wheat penny.

Likes to wear colours rather than black. A lot of them all at one time. Because she likes deep, rich colours, they do go together. She hopes. Is known for telling other people, in the cafe or the store, that she likes their scarf or stockings, while being aware that it may come across her desiring to steal said item of clothing.

Must have one of "those" faces, as is regularly mistaken for someone else. Will give directions to confused-looking pedestrians, shoppers or tourists. Prefers to write with a fountain pen, with orange ink. Carries a large bag as a handbag, complete with just enough stuff to make it full but able to be navigated.

Likes to write letters by hand and owns boxes of stamps to post them with. Carries an old-fashioned address book and notebook to write important things in. Has an uncanny knack for reverse parallel parking and finding lost objects.

Considers herself active but in reality hasn't ridden a bike in years, loves to make stock from scratch, detests corriander. Is mistaken for a Kiwi occassionally and wouldn't mind going there again. 

Has silver hairs starting to show through and doesn't care. Does stop to smell the roses and loves to do the puzzles in the paper, but only after reading the cartoons. Was tortured with flying insects as a child with long hair to put them in and has a phobia of them now.

Sings in a choir for a university she has never attended. Loves cats, small children and the colour red.  Is untidy and impatient and grumpy when hungry. Can write with her left hand but can't brush her teeth with that hand.