Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Wearing a baby is easy when you know how

I've had Sally in my Girasol today on my back. I had pulled into a carpark at work to visit and walk to the post office and then back to work, and had a horrified customer stop me and offer to help as I tossed Sally onto my back. Way to go for giving me encouragement there lady (not!).

Anyway, she really enjoyed being on my back, giggle maniacally when put on there and went to sleep pretty quickly.

She's been on there for going on 3 hours since TheHusband came home as she was sleepy but not able to be convinced to sleep and I needed to make polenta and do Stuff so she's on there again.

TheHusband did take photos so I'll get them off my camera in a minute and post. Having her on my back has indicated that I really need a shorter one than the Girasol though!!


Jo Windmill said...

Oh Hi! Just stumbled n your blog (how did that happen??) and am interested to see your Girasol pics!Via BWD forum, I think!
I have a bub too, and learning to wrap, in an Earthy Rainbow!

Emma Someone said...

I've got some more from the weekend but I'll post one in a minute :).