Sunday, October 26, 2008

More about me

I'm a late-20 something year old women from Adelaide. I live in a rented home (half a house and my neighbours annoy me) with my manfriend and a kitty. I have a bright yellow car and (currently) a scooter. I do a lot of crafty things. I am working towards being a midwife, which is truly my calling. I love dancing, the colour red, peppermint, coffee and lamb more than chicken.

In 2007, I had an accident that has left me dealing with lots of fun things like insurance companies, left shoulders, lawyers, university, surgery, the future, rehabilitation and everything else, so there may be some things about that on here.

At some point soon I will get married. We're not getting weddinged though so no bridal pr0n or bridezilla moments on here though! We're having a destination wedding to New Zealand but y'all not invited - it's more polite for me to say "we're eloping" but I still get to talk about things here, right?

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