Monday, October 27, 2008

My house *doesn't* smell like vanilla!

The moron who lives across the road is a moron. He drives a revolting V8 which is horribly tuned and idles far too fast and in the morning, he gets up at 5am and moves the car outside his garage and front fence, to park in front of our house. How do I know this, when I don't willingly get up at 5am? Because his car is LOUD and rumbly and is so revoltingly EXHAUSTY that it gets into our place and makes my sinuses ache and my stomach clench. Which wakes me up, whereupon I ponder the meaning of life and the sanity of living across the road from him and plot his downfall.

He then leaves at 6:35am and goes to work. He returns at 2pm ish and pulls into his driveway a smidge, and leaves the car idling while he gets out and opens his gate and then his garage door before driving into it. He does this by planting his foot and accelerating fast into the garage then slamming on the brakes.

If I'm sitting on the couch with the front door open, I score a lovely house full of disgusting black grey greasy smoke. I usually get up and SLAM the front door while muttering under my breath because it is RUDE and it is gross and revolting, and because I have previously asked him not to frickin' do it.

In other news of neighbours I hate to live near - the guy down the road with the Land Cruiser that he doesn't warm up before driving off so it blows smoke, pings and chugs until it gets around the corner, people who are stupid enough to rat run via the maze of streets next to our house which doesn't get you anywhere because of the one-way streets that funnel cars around where people are trying to rat run. It's annoying. ManFriend and I are known to mutter "frickin' tourists" when that happens.

Oh while I'm at it - long trucks that try to do this and hit cars in the process of driving around back streets, I curse you.

AND - the light on the corner of the street near us? Annoyingly bright. And angled into our bedroom. Not impressed. Not owning a sling-shot means I can't shoot it out.

AND further: the council recently approved the moving of a business into a large house at the end of our street. This is a residential area. And now there are 20 cars parked on our street. So a normal back street street is now a parking area. And if one more of them park across my driveway, there will be words spoken.

It's a good thing I have a very cute kitty though - she cheers me up.
This is Zaria. She is 9 years old and has lived in lots of places with me. She is very pretty, is a character and a half, and is fabulous company. She is determined to grown bindies this year so I have to brush her every day. She has a couple of local friends because she's so friendly - neighbours stop to chat, people walking home visit with her, little children come to visit too. It's very cute.

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