Tuesday, October 21, 2008

My house really *does* smell like vanilla today!

My oil burner in my study has the following in it:
  • rose absolute (against the blues)
  • vanilla absolute (anti-anxiety)
  • orange essential oil (also anti-depressant)
and it is smelling its happy way through my whole house.

I should be doing homework. I have work to do on electronic fetal monitoring / cardiotocography at the moment, and exams to prep for. But I did hydrotherapy this morning and my shoulder is killing me so I am not overly inspired to do so. Heh I just realised the blend I've got is probably because I am feeling anxious and a little blue about school, life and money in general.


aunty-del said...

Mmm, that blend sounds nice! I bought a bottle of 3% rose a little while ago, but I was too economical for my own good - the smell of the jojoba carrier is too prominent too me.

Emma Someone said...

I love my rose absolute. The whole 3ml of it. Just a tiny smidge of it goes a LONG way.

I have 4L of rose hydrosol as well which was a gift/swap ages ago that has honestly gotten so much better with age.

I need to clean my esential oils up. The box is lovely and fragrant but wow overpowering! I don't like jojoba much (it's gritty and has a funky smell) so I'm glad I spent the uber $$ to get some amazing oil. It was such a good investment!

angie201 said...

Well HELLO Strange!!! would love to catch up!

lots happening here too!

angie :)