Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Quasi instant soup

I hate instant packet soup. Canned soup doesn't do it for me either. So when I had a friend to feed last night, what'a girl to do?

Well in my case, you take ~1L of stock (in this case lamb stock for which I had no other plans - it was great, it was lovely, it wasn't uber salty, but it isn't called for very often in recipes!) and put in 2 piece of mince that you've packed previously into a hamburger press, so that 500g ish went into 6 patties (so about 85g mince each) and bring to the boil. Mush the mince up a bit to make it into balls if you can / want to. Add about a cup of frozen veges - I used a combination of beans, carrots and baby corn. Adjust the seasoning to what you want - I used oyster, soy, plum and a dab of chilli sauce, but you could also use tomato-y type flavours, or sesame and chilli, or sweet and sour, or anything you'd like. Add 250g rice noodles (vermicelli or angle hair) and boil some more. Taste and adjust the seasoning.


Absolutely fabulous for:
  • using up bits and pieces in the freezer and fridge;
  • watching your weight;
  • instant food any night of the week
  • feeding friends
  • impressing anyone you've brought home ;)

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