Tuesday, December 23, 2008

On the mend!

Woo! I am able to type slowly and carefully, because I get to have my arm out of my sling for a few hours at home only. Still in the sling most of the time, and to sleep, and to go out in public.

Five quick things:
  • I've received 5 fantastic CDs from all over the country and one from the UK as well. I'll update to add all 5 here but for now I want to thank Dani Barley and Sooz for theirs.
  • Mine have been posted so they'll get to other people sometime soon I guess. Mine went to: Sooz, Jan, Dani, Trixie, and Alma
  • I'm enjoying some time off. I am actually enjoying sitting down and just doing not very much. At the moment that not very much includes watching a collection of really bad fantasy and sci-fi.
  • I have orange nail polish. This makes me insanely happy.
  • 2008 has blown goats for so many people around me. With still a week or so to go, I hope we've seen it all now.

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