Monday, March 16, 2009

Hippo birdy two ewes

I'm older today! 29 now! Yay! Nearly at the end of my 20s. Not sure how I feel about that. Today's horrorscope tells me:

It’s not a good day to postpone tasks or chores until tomorrow, no matter how straight-forward things may seem. Right now the signs are looking good for getting ahead of yourself in terms of work or school, so take advantage, because tomorrow’s planets warn of an unforeseen increase in your workload!

which means I should get organised to get out of the house to go and renew my license (wow that means I've had it for 10 years now!) and do a few other things. And do more of my assignment instead of playing online Uno...

Other dot points in my life:
  • Doctors don't have a clue, and what they say is usually crap. I have little respect for most obstetricians to give honest, balanced advice but am rather spoilt by having a lovely GP who does call it like it is. The fact that a physician then doesn't do the same thing as my GP shouldn't surprise me but it did. Physicians make money by convincing people that they are broken, incapable, at risk and on a long slow path to barely being able to function (MUCH LIKE MANY OBS!!!!!) and I need to talk to more people who know I'm amazing, driven and focused, as well as progressing amazingly well and if not, then I'm able to adapt.
  • House hunting blows goats. Especially when you find the perfect house, and the perfect landlord, who thinks you're perfect... only to say absolutely not to having a cat. And so I have to call up and beg for a reconsideration. When we're getting, but in the meantime my stomach is in knots waiting.
  • Baby show was horrendous and amazing and fabulous all in one today. There were LOTS of formula companies there that made me VERY VERY angry. The only helium balloons were from K@ricare for eg and that made me want to break things. I made a point of going to the cloth nappy places, and to the sling places, and to the breast feeding association and so forth, rather than the standard crap. I did look at prams but that was more for fun with my sister. I miss being around women and midwives something fierce - October can't come soon enough!
Cutest toddler ever:
Very cute puppy:
New hair:

And so on and so on - more are on Flickr

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