Thursday, March 12, 2009

Thankyou for the future

Leading on from Peak Oil Hausfrau:

Thankyou for walking to the shops to do some grocery shopping, for taking your own bags and backpack, for taking a trolley and for enjoying yourself in some sunshine. You have reduced your consumption because you are limited in what you can buy (because you have to carry it home), you're doing your bit for your own health by walking, and you are trundling your trolley along behind you so had to pack your goods sensibly and maybe buy in bulk.

Thankyou for buying a water bottle and using it, refilling it, washing it and keeping it with you when you go out. If not - thankyou for drinking out of your hands in the bathroom.

Thankyou for not washing your car, for not flushing the toilet every time you wee in it, and for wearing clothes until they really need a wash.

Thankyou for buying 2nd hand - clothes, books, baby gear, textbooks, furniture, cars, decorations etc.

Thankyou for using a Diva Cup or similar innovative item!

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