Tuesday, March 17, 2009

What would be hardest to give up?

It's going around the enviro-green blogs at the moment to ponder what the most difficult thing to change would be. "On the path to sustainability, What Is The Most Difficult Thing To Change" has a heap of comments outlining what readers think would be the hardest to lose. So here is my list of 5 things that I'd find hardest to give up:
  1. Coffee. Environmentally I try to get green(er) or organic, and free trade coffee. But when I'm out and about and want something, I'm not so able to find this and not so disciplined as to say no to my want.
  2. Toilet paper, paper towel, tissues and plastic bags for little bins - but that's from a hygeine point of view. It's a perception perhaps that these things make my life cleaner, and I'm trying to change my approach but it's really hard to see myself using reusable toilet wipes. Paper towel is a bit easier to get away from, but the plastic bin liners are also part of my culture and they save me time in maintaining bins.

    Heh - I didn't say I was virtuous here. Just honest.

  3. Eating non-locally produced food. Eating locally-grown produce is relatively easy. I refuse to eat imported fruit and veg, but I'd like to eat more locally-made foods to. It'd help if there were labels about this on items. Or alternately, a clear line of "it is better to eat locally-grown food than eat imported or shipped organically-grown food" to help me decide.
  4. Colouring my hair. I love doing it for the pick-me-up I get but it's not fab for the environment or for sustainability.
  5. Electricity, internets etc - I spend a lot of time on it. Our bills are low and not changed in winter too much but still, it's something of a concern.

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