Thursday, March 18, 2010

Famous last words

So my last post was Wednesday night... and Thursday morning at 2am I started to have contractions, and then by 7am on Friday I was a mama:

Sally (Salome for realz but Sally for short) Clio was born at 6:43am on 12 March 2010 into my hands in water. She was 7 lb 6.5 oz (3.36kg), had a 35cm head, and was 48cm long.

Short birth story: contractions started slowly at 2am Thurs, no idea when my waters broke, got more intense during day but ate breakfast and lunch so not too bad, and then contractions got closer together, midwife came about 8pm (I had said it would kick off at dusk and it did!), got in the pool at some point, started pushing about 3am, swore up and down to myself that she was going to be born by dawn and yep, 6:43am!

So doesn't even begin to cover it but that's the nuts and bolts. I'll get to writing a really detailed one soon.


Anonymous said...

That's fabulous news - many congratulations and well done you!


Ashlee said...

Well done and Congratulations on the arrival of your little one!!

jac said...


daharja said...

I've already said it on FB, but congratulations to you all! :-)

Elizabeth said...

Congratulations! I didn't check for awhile and here you are, a mother! :-) I'm glad to hear it went well and hope for a more detailed rendering of the birth at some point.