Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Why would I want to do that??

Did I tell you about me changing my name on my license? I had to renew my license before my 30th birthday, for the second time for 10 years (that's something that made me feel old and grown up - renewing it for a 2nd time for 10 years means I'm Of a Certain Age!) and did it while heavily pregnant so used to being treated like a moron.

I took in my New Zealand marraige certificate, which is as valid as an Aussie one is (I checked!). The woman behind the counter took 20 minutes and 4 phonecalls, all being told the same thing, before she agreed with me and then told me "it's ok love" like this was news to me. I hated her quite a lot during that time because yes, I know it's valid. I've used it without issue to change my bank details and my university enrolment just fine thanks.

She then asked me if I wanted to change my name to Oscar (TheHusband's name). I was all o_O. Why would I want to do that?

She asked again and I was still huh?

She was all frustrated at why the hell was I wasting her time when I didn't want to change it to Oscar. I asked again - why would I want to do that??? And she said cause it's your husband's name! Like der??!

I had to point out that that was his first name and why would I want to be Mrs Emma Oscar. She was really pissed about having this pointed out. Apparently it's because on Aussie marriage certificates it goes groom's lastname firstname so she hadn't actually bothered to read what was on the certificate.

Luckily my photo on my license came out surprisingly well - I wouldn't have been surprised if it'd had little black eyebrows and a moustache on it!


Billie said...

You did tell me...but I quite liked hearing about it again :)xxx

Tanya said...

Oh, i love it that the tag line is 'idiots'. I generally hate waiting, but particularly hate waiting for idiots! Isn't your bub very cute, with a great name. We have an Annie, didn't know any when she was born, but now there is one at the school where she goes. I think it's more fun thinking about names when you are not pregnant!!