Wednesday, March 3, 2010

In preparation for birthing

Here is a list of things that have been suggested to be assembled and easily found for birthing day:

- plastic drop sheets
- icecream tubs
- lip balm
- massage lotion
- bendy straws and plastic cups
- heat packs
- cord ties
- newborn clothes
- newborn nappies
- baby blanket
- birth certificate to fill in (made myself at home!)
- birthday cake recipe
- "0" candle
- tea lights and matches
- essential oils (I've chosen kunzea, lavender and rose)
- witch hazel to put on pads to put in freezer
- squeezy bottle for peeing afterwards
- electrolyte powder (cause I struggle with low blood sugar and pressure, and with vomitting at the best of times and this won't be!)
- fit ball (need to blow this up a bit more!)
- old towels next to bed in case of membranes rupturing
- colander and bowl for placenta
- garbage bags
- placental remedy bottle (need to decorate!)
- placental slice receiver for the freezer (ie a freezer-safe container!)
- epsom salts
- rescue remedies
- music (thanks for the suggestions! We do have a playlist but I forgot to put it on here)

Also plan on stocking up in early labour with juice, mint leaves (lollies - no point in trying to have them now because I loves them!), and charging the camera up.

Any other suggestions?


Anonymous said...

A wide variety of music-- soothing, inspiring, distracting, etc.

Anonymous said...

Second vote for music! Also some form of entertainment/distraction (book/magazines/dvds/internets) for if it's a looooooooooong labour!!