Monday, March 1, 2010

Table decorated!

Way too long ago to be 'fessing up here (it's more than 6 months) I commissioned my friend Eve from Atom and Eve to make some decals for a weird table I got in an op shop a couple of years ago.

It was white formica and I painted it purple originally and while it was an AWESOME colour, a paint mishap (crap formulation - product recalled after I'd painted of course!) meant the finish was less than awesome.

So I discussed with Eve how to make some octagons to suit the table. She was easy to work with and had some great ideas. I went with turquiose and wood grain and they arrived pre packaged for me, numbered and everything!

All I had to do was take the backing off and apply. Some of them needed trimming to fit of course!

And in the end it looks awesome! I bought a piece of 0.4mm plastic to cover it as well, as the paint is a bit rough still

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Not Jenny said...

The table looks great!

Eve is so talented.