Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Wantage and todoage

I am big enough to work out the difference between "need" and "want" so here is a list of things I want (and won't go out of my way to buy but keep coming back to wanting):
  • Knitpicks interchangeable needles - I have some Denises but I dislike them as the plastic flexes when you use them
  • Jigsaw so I can cut things up - I have a heap of mdf that I want to make things out of.
  • Steam mop for the floor of doom (big house = lots of floors).
  • SLR camera
  • cutting board for sewing
  • overlocker
  • body form
  • this pattern:

Things to do around the house:
  • Decorate the purple table some more. I'm working with Eve to develop some decals for the table and it is so exciting!
  • Make some new curtains for the back area.
    The walls are painted in Pantaloon which is a yellow based paint and the curtains are a revolting gold colour and they clash and they are BORING so I want to update
  • Make some foot pooffs for the placing of feet on. Chez Larsson has inspired me to change some of our milk crates into foot stools.
  • Tie backs for the curtains in the kitchen. This will involve improving my crocheting skills though.

  • Sort out superannuation
  • Harrass the gym to refund my personal trainer $$
  • Go to Hobart, Melbourne and Bendigo!!!! Which is where I am at the moment btw...
  • Organise the spare room for our housesitter
  • Paint the chest of drawers that currently hold my stash
  • Finish Sabrina
  • Paint the little chest of drawers that holds our IT stuff
  • Paint the mdf bookcase that I've had for since 19mumblemumble - I'm thinking white


Ness said...

That's one of the patterns I have sitting in my cupboard waiting for me to do something with it :-D

vtghf said...

Heh, I have that pattern somewhere in my parent's place in Sydney. I also actually have the dress and vest I made using the pattern in Canberra. If only I had time and a sewing machine...

Sarah said...

The fabric for the curtains--- what IS that? It makes my heart sing.

Thanks for finding me, by the way- I'm happy to have found your blog, I'm really enjoying it. :)