Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Easy pasta sauce

Take 500g of frozen mince and put it in a heavy cast iron pot that you've got a lid for. Add a jar of pasata, a tin of tomatoes, a tin of chickpeas, a tin of kidney beans and a sliced onion. Add a tablespoon of stock powder. Add about 1 can extra liquid - water and red wine in this case. Put the lid on and put it on a low heat for an hour. Squash the mince with a potato masher, not minding if you get some of the peas and beans. Adjust seasoning. Let sit overnight for best flavour.


Yes I'm a lazy cook. I'm trying to do my tax and TheHusband's as well and it's not easy to concentrate when I need to also cook food for us. I have coconut rice in the oven as well: 1C brown rice, 1 tin coconut cream, 1/2 tin boiling water, 1T vanilla sugar. Bake for 90 mins on 200C. Adjust so that it is creamy and sweet enough and yummy and eat.


Katrine said...

sweet creamy rice is one of my favourite lazy cook recepies but i'd never thought of baking it, or using coconut! thanks :)

Emma Someone said...

Coconut cream makes it lovely and creamy and I often add some ginger and sultanas as well. I feel like rice again now!