Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Evil plan for world domination (well, Wednesday domination anyway)

Today is my Day Off - the one that I get this week. So I am still in my pjs and it's after midday. We will ignore that I was awake at 6am and took my houseguest to the hospital for her early shift this morning and TheHusband to work, and then crawled back into bed with a migraine that felt like a coach screw was being thrust through my right eye and *that* is why I still feel like poo in the bottom of a rubbish bin.


So the plan for today:
  • go to an antenatal visit (last one I attended was at 16 weeks, and she's now 35. Not my fault in this case! I can make changes to my plans for work if I know 4 weeks in advance, but as the midwife involved keeps changing the appt times at really short notice, and as I can't do that for work, I have missed a lot of them. Which makes me sad. Add to that that I've had the Hacking Worst Cold Evah (tm) and it's little cousin Awwww Do I Have To Have Another One (tm) in quick succession and there is the reason for it being months between visits)
  • go to Target and get new shoes ($6.36 in Coles Myer voucher, $30 in Westfield voucher - I can probably find something for that, and my last pair of everyday shoes has just decided to leak)
  • get my eyebrows waxed
  • put the washing away
  • put a load of washing on in preparation for...
  • packing! for our trip! to Hobart! in just 4 sleeps!
  • print out save the date cards for Easter2010

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