Wednesday, April 14, 2010

10 reasons I just signed up for FoodConnectAdelaide (an SCA)

I just signed our family up to Food Connect Adelaide, which is an CSA (community supported agriculture) enterprise. Here are 10 reasons I signed up for it:
  1. I am tired of eating last year's apples, of cold storage oranges, and hydroponic carrots, all of which are tasteless.
  2. I want to eat in season and to influence producers to give me what is in season.
  3. Like Sally Mackinnon, I want my tomatoes to smell of scarlet.
  4. I want to eat the heirloom varieties, the unusual, the rare, the threatened and endangered.
  5. I want to eat in season to get more in tune with what the earth is best at producing in my area, rather than relying on other parts of the country.
  6. I want to put more community into the food that I eat.
  7. I want to be challenged to eat what is available, rather than being all arrogant and privileged about me dictating what is available. Or at least deluding myself into thinking that I have some influence.
  8. I'm not that fabulous in the garden and this is a small step in that direction - to see what is in season and what I could plant and grow. I know beetroot works well, and silverbeet, for eg, and can branch out from there.
  9. I want real food. Not so hung up on organic, but I want it with sunburn and blemishes and the occassional bug. I thing blemish-free fruit is actually kind of creepy, the scary-clown equivalent for food.
  10. I want to pay a fair price to the farmers who provide me food.
FCA is still new so there aren't a lot of reviews. I'll try to remember to post pics! And review them on pick up.


Not Jenny said...

We started using a CSA last year for vegetables. I just opened our last jar of pickles from last season. I need to give away fewer jars next year so I have enough to last us until the cukes start coming back again!

I can hardly wait for our growing season to get under way here and start getting the delicious produce again. Our farmer also sells eggs and chicken and beef as well. The eggs I get are so superior to the supermarket eggs I hate buying them in the store now.

I am planning out my garden right now too--I need to plant lots of tomatoes so I can make my own salsa.

Ashwee said...

Hi there!
I've just come ovr from the jb forum. Nice to meet you! I'll be following your blog! Come visit mine,

I just planted some beetroot & lettuce yesterday. I used to get a delivery from Aussie farmers direct however I felt that the veg was still coolstored and not fresh so it's back to the farmers market for me!

Love the blog & congrats on the safe arrival of your gorgeous girl.