Thursday, April 22, 2010

First FoodConnect box

Looked like this:
And inside:

And more inside:

This is what we ended up with:which was 2 onions,
3 potatoes,
3 carrots,
1 zucchini,
1 leek,
1 corn,
1 bunch spinach (I think),
3 beetroots
1 butternut pumpkin
3 capsicum

and 4 apples,
1 pear
1/2 a rockmelon,
2 oranges
1 lime

and is entirely organic, and cost $30. To me that's pretty good value!

Menu plan: (I also find using Love Food Hate Waste is great for planning)
Thursday - dinner with an onion (already had the rest planned - TheHusband making pasta),

Friday - rockmelon at meet, dinner: roast potato and beetroot with something protein-y, spinach, corn

Saturday - zucchini slice for lunch

Sunday - apple pancakes, pumpkin in a curry

Monday - potato and leek soup, orange cake

Tuesday - pumpkin soup, lime fish dish

Wednesday - capsicum risotto

Thursday -

Ok so for 2 of us it's probably not enough. The fruit won't go very far for lunches for example. And vege wise we eat more than just 3 potatoes and 2 onions. So I'd suggest this was good for 1 person who cooked all the time or 2 who ate out more than we do, or didn't eat lunch at home / take it to work.

ETA: In fact, FoodConnect have put together a menu plan for the box that I just got!


Not Jenny said...

Thank you for sharing that link to Love Food Hate Waste.

I am guilty of wasting food too often and am always looking for new ideas to help re-imagine our leftovers.

Your CSA box looks lovely! I can hardly wait until ours start coming.

(here is the link to my farmer's blog: you can see that our veggies are still too small to eat!)

Georgie said...

I have found with all the set boxes there was never enough fruit - 3 kids in our family - and if I upped the box size we ended up wasting vegies. Sadly, the kids are much keener on fruit than vegies and even I'd rather snack on an apple than carrot sticks. The best solution I found to this was one place where you could pick a box size ($45 in our case) and then add extra fruit in increments of $5.

I now go through an organic delivery place where I pick exactly what I want, and for us that works out much better. But surprises are so much fun! And all those boxes introduced me to some new vegies I'd probably not have bought on my own (beetroot- always thought it only came in cans and was horrid, but roasted beetroot is lovely).

The green leafy looks more like silverbeet than spinach to me, but I use them pretty much interchangeably anyway.

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Katrine said...

I've been LOVEING my food connect box! it's like a big box of tasty presents every week!
I'm having to supplement what's in the box as well, but i think that's got more to do with me being terrible at meal planning than the contents of the box :)

Kate said...

I reckon that's probably perfect for just me - more fruit and some of it will go off, more stpales like onions and potatoes and I have to eat potatoes every day.

Personally, I'm happy to supplement, as that gives me a bit more choice in what I cook - but since I only have to supplement and not shop for the entire thing, I have more time and energy to buy good things from local places, and find out more about them as I do so.