Friday, May 28, 2010

10 things we're looking for in a "new" car

Self-explainatory I guess. We will be in the market for a new-to-us car in the near future so here's a list of things we're looking for on which I use because you can search by colour:
  1. Extra safety perks and lurks - airbags and all that.
  2. Bright colour. Strange to start off with that but at the moment we have a yellow car and we want a bright colour again. Red or blue or green or yellow or orange would be fine. Not white, or blah blue, or grey, or black.
  3. 5 seater.
  4. 5 door - we have a 3 door at the moment (so 2 side doors and a boot) but as Sally is getting bigger I'm struggling to get her into her seat.
  5. Sports wagon type of car. Something that we can put bikes racks on the top of and go away in as well as park easily.
  6. Manual. It was heartbreaking for me when we had to change from our manual car to an automatic a few years ago, because of my left shoulder not being able to drive one anymore at the time. It'll be strange to have one again and a bit of a learning curve but we both want one!
  7. Fuel efficient around the city but gutsy enough to be on the highway/freeway.
  8. Quiet on the road.
  9. Good sound system.
  10. Cup holders, bottle holders in the door, flap thing around the sun visor, storage options and so on. These are all perks that I had in my Hyundai Accent and it's the creature comforts that I enjoy in a car, not the size of the engine or the


Katrine said...

it might just be that i'm looking in the wrong place ... but i can't find a comments link on your posts after this one

this has nothing to do with 10 things we're looking for in a new car and doesn't need to be published, just wanted to let you know incase it's not just me being blind :)

joolzmac said...

Sounds like you need a Ford Territory which has all those features except probably a manual transmission would be hard to get. Territories are a great people mover, have easy access and lots of cup holders/nook & crannys for storage and are a great family car.

I happen to know a nice Ford dealer if you need some help locating one.

Cheers - Joolz