Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I love the postman

Not literally as he is not someone so much as the entire distribution centre that we have a post box at. But per my post about what I was waiting on, I thought I'd update you on what did arrive:
  • My glasses in all of their awesomeness:
  • These were "free" in that I only paid $13 odd for postage and handling. I am spectacularly nearsighted so I need to have a spare pair of glasses handy in case I break/lose/ruin my working pair. Without them I can only clearly see maybe a foot in front of my nose which makes functioning without them pretty impossible. Anyway, I received a voucher for them from Clearly Contacts, went to an optometrist for an eye test (which was overdue anyway), picked a frame, filled in my order and two weeks later, as they came from the USA, I received perfectly suiting glasses. They are deeper and wider than my old ones but I think they're prettier, more elegant and way more fun than my old ones plus - I CAN SEE PROPERLY as despite being 30 my eyes still change fairly frequently. Interestingly though, even if I'd paid for them, these glasses would have been less than $100. Which is a lot less than I can get them locally, and I don't need service or advice or two pairs of glasses so I'm not in need of the in-shop experience either. So if you're motivated and keen I highly recommend using an online store for glasses. Yes it's a leap of faith to choose frames without seeing them but it's not impossible and actually kind of fun.
  • Tshirts yep. I bought the xl size as my awesomely milky breasts are now putting me into strangely sized clothes, and the tshirts kind of fit there but baggy everywhere else. But the l sized ones I already have don't quite fit either. I hate this part of being post-baby, where I'm in between sizes.
  • Lawyer stuff was dealt with. 
  • VistaPrint stuff received. I bought some things for my midwife and will give them to her shortly I hope. Except the door magnet I ordered for her was tucked into the bottom of the box so I didn't find it on unpacking my order. So I contacted VistaPrint to ask wtf and am being sent another one. So my midwife gets two. Oops.
  • One lot of nappies arrived. I bought some second hand itti bittis in medium for Sally as she is getting to the end of wearing her smalls. They are seriously cute and very useful and user friendly.They are so cute and she is petite so they should last us a while and with winter coming I don't have any qualms about having a few extras.
  • The other lot is the first time in a long time that a seller has screwed me over for something. I purchased secondhand nappies from her on a forum and paid for them and... silence. Nada. I am angry because I so don't have money to send to strangers, but I sent her a message last night via Stalkbook and have let it go to the universe.
  • No news on the Mums and Bubs market stall pass as yet but I did piece the quilts together on the weekend, and have dyeing planned!
  • Felt embellishments arrived. One of them is really scary in person so I'm not sure that I like it.
  • And the stitch markers arrived except AustPost's machine ate the envelope so I only got 2. Which is a real shame but meh they were part of a karma swap (ie they were free because I sent something on to someone else) so I'm not fussed.
  • And yay buttons!