Saturday, May 22, 2010

An anniversary of sorts

ETA: Hmmmm I did write a post here but it seems to have got et. So I'll repost something about what I meant.

On 21/05/2007 I was noodlng along on my beloved Zip50 scooter on the back streets of the 'burbs when an idiot got distracted at a roundabout by a young man collecting rubbish for the local Golden Arches "restuarant" and failed to roundabout correctly, hitting me and my scooter base over apex / arse over tit / for 6 / clean off the wheels / whatever euphamism you like. I wasn't badly hurt, in the scheme of things, but for the past/next 3 years I have had to deal with a rather impressive list of injuries, both mental and physical.

So on Friday just past I celebrated the passing of 3 years since that fateful day. It has been a shit of a time since then really. The whole experience has coloured my studies and life and relationship and friend's experience of me in a way that I don't really understand. I hate hate hate dealing with it and having to visit with my lawyer last week to finalise another step in the claim was shit. But it's another step in a journey that will definitely end, hopefully this year.

The end point will be money. It won't be an apology from the idiot who hit me, or a medal for not giving up, or anything meaningful. And frustratingly no one can tell me whether that money will be enough to make a difference to my life (because there is NO amount of money that is going to compensate me for the loss I've had to deal with) or whether after medical costs and lawyers fees there will only be a few magic beans left. So TheHusband and I play a fun game sometimes of "what would we do with lots of money". Which is rather fun, similar to "what happens if we win the lottery" but yah know, the chances are probably a bit higher.

We therefore have a list of priorities:
  • new car
  • new fancy top quality mattress
  • kettle that doesn't BUZZ all the time (not really but it just started BUZZING AGAIN and I have a babe asleep on my chest and a laptop on my lap so can't be bothered getting up to it)
  • laptop for TheHusband
  • trip to see my paternal grandparents
  • trip to New Zealand
  • little house to call our own
with lots of things in between of course, and setting us up with investments and plans for Sally and so on.

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