Monday, June 22, 2009

The garden that I built

Isn't it pretty? A few weeks ago I went along to a local childcare cente and built some garden beds. These are two sleepers high and I had SO much fun setting them up, screwing them together (I got to use POWERTOOLS people!) and then banging nail plates on, filling with soil and cow poo, installing irrigition and planting with small children. It was surprisingly easy to build but it took all day to sort out the rest of the renovation and build two of these... So if you have some space go to your local Bunnings store and get them to cut some sleepers for you, then get some help with picking some 90degree angles and various bits and pieces and build! Plant! Grow! Eat. Have a look at more photos here as well.

It did get me thinking though - that I am comfortable with powertools and getting grotty and building things. I love it. I have fond memories of childhood painting days with my dad Ray and building things with him, and I am the proud owner of a power drill, hot glue gun and staple gun and I'm not afraid to use them.

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