Wednesday, June 3, 2009

What's on the needles

Yes I appreciate that this blog isn't quite the same without pics and I am working to remedy that. You see, when we moved in here, there was no phoneline connected to the house, as it is a Brand New House. We contacted Telstra to arrange this. Telstra send out a technician to assess whether there was cable from the house to the pole (there was) and whether there was a little box on the side of the house (yes, there was) and whether there was a line from the phone cable down the pole (yep, that too). He said no, there weren't, so sent out a contractor to do the cabling. Contractor came out and said yep, the cabling isn't done but I can't do it so sent out a subcontractor to install the box on the pole that wasn't there. Subcontractor came out and signed off on it being installed and therefore Telstra had to come back and do something. Each of these steps took 2 weeks and us waiting around a lot.

Telstra then said they'd send someone out. And then didn't. And then said that the contractor and subcontractor still had work to do before they could do what they had to do. Which wasn't the case. We got jack of this and filed a complaint with the TIO and got nasty with Telstra. EVENTUALLY we have had a phoneline installed and are FINALLY able to make phonecalls.

Now we're dealing with another company to try to get nakedDSL and it is turning into one of those things, again, because we don't know what's going on.

ANYWAY - the moral of the story is that we are not able to use the internet much and only 1 at a time and not able to upload big things, like pictures. Hence the picture-free blog atm.

I have photos to share! Cool ones of a wedding I went to recently, and things I'm knitting and have knit, and house-y type stuff and so on. I've been to a midwife retreat, a camp, Sydney, a volunteering day at a local childcare centre, and there are lots of photos to share.

Right now I'm knitting Rogue and have updates for this. Because of my finger it's having a break atm but I'm up to the hood and am halfway through it. I've used 2 skeins of Bendigo wool so far and it's interesting to see the changes in tension that my shoulder going from mediocre to bad to worse has caused. Because of this, the body is going to be VERY long and warm. The hood is also going to be HUGE. I am knitting it as fast as I can, and have a 2 year headstart on it over Kate but she is up to the same spot as me! Damn her and her fast mad knitting skills.

I also have a scarf on the needles, and another shawl. Photos, I promise, will come soon.

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Anonymous said...

Don't forget the Customer Service Guarantee as well. Given the extended delays, you might need up needing to pay for the service for a while.