Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Oops I meant to say yesterday...

Happy 2 months to TheMan / TheHusband! We are actually coming up to 4 years together (23/07) so it's hardly something to take note of except that to me it is.

For our first anniversary I want to get our wedding vows put on paper somewhere in the house. Remind me of that next year, yes?

I've been gardening and nesting a lot here in Adelaide, with the cold and wet (! yes, we've had rain!) weather doing my head in a little. The other day I bought fabric from Ikea, and made curtains. At the same time I also made stock from scratch (from the chicken I'd roasted a few days earlier) and then made risotto with it, and lemon delicious for later. It was so yummy and perfect and an amusement for me seeing as (a) I'd never eaten it before and had no idea what I was making and (b) I had never made it before.

Apart from slicing my finger so badly I probably needed a stitch (but instead it is bound up for a week) the whole thing was a hit. The dessert was soyummy! Thankyou Woman's Day "Cook".

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