Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Busy bee

I have a new set of cramps, stretch marks, swollen feet/ankles and lack of sleep. And by "cramps" I mean I have to breathe through them and grimace a bit. Mostly from over-working at 32 weeks, and from being on my feet way too much. Only 4 weeks, and 17 shifts to go.

So a day off today saw us clean the house thoroughly and then I made spring rolls, and a banana cake, and a roast chicken, and smashed potatoes, and roast pumpkin. zomg the chicken was perfect, and the Crash Hot Potatoes were very successful.

Is this the nesting phase of pregnancy? I don't know. I do know that I also cleaned the pantry out, and the fridge, and did some crafty, and washed the dishes, and now need a nap.


Katy said...

The crash hot potatoes look brilliant - I might have to try them this week. Enjoy the nesting stage - I went a bit crazy during mine until I got stuck getting stuff out from under the bed because I misjudged the space available and my belly! It's all fun x

Anonymous said...