Monday, January 4, 2010

Name sweet spot

There is a sweet spot in naming a baby - somewhere between the very common (Emma, Kate, Sarah, Melissa for eg) and the uber uncommon (Deja, Psyche etc). It is freaking hard to find though.

This post was written on 03/03 and is planned for posting in early April. Just so you know. Puggles will actually have a name by now, but this is to document our thoughts.

Teresa Strasser
suggests two tests for naming a girl baby - and finding that sweet spot - is to pretend you're being introduced to this baby as a lawyer, and also as a blind date prospect. Kate recommends thinking about standing at the back door calling your child in from play. I'm caught in a place of having a very common name and hating being the 2nd or 3rd Emma in a group of friends or at school.

So our short list at some point has been:

- Flynn
- Gideon
- Griffin
- Bexley
- Bailey
- Darcy
- Sebastian
- Rowan
- Quinlan
- Jasper

- Sally
- Ophelia
- Chloe
- Isolde
- Tabitha
- Odette
- Indigo
- Claudia
- Scarlett
- Addison

We also considered Audrey (oh how we've gone back and forth with that one) and Saskia (a little too popular around a group of friends) and Salome (too biblical for me).

EDITED TO ADD: We went with Sally (short for Salome which in the end was because of a U2 song and it took me 4 days to realise that it probably made my mother (devout Baptist insane harpie with whom I have nothing to do) feel faint) and Clio, cause I liked Chloe but it was a little too like clover for me!

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Georgie said...

Interestingly, my Emma (2002) is the ONLY Emma not only in her class, but in her school of 200 students. However, there are three Emilys in her class alone!