Saturday, January 2, 2010

The colour blue

For some reason, I strongly dislike the colour blue. I own a lot of red, orange and yellow and 1 blue shirt. It's a cornflower blue though. I don't like navy, or many other shades of blue. I feel like I disappear in it. Perhaps because I wore it as a school uniform, or because it's how my eyes/brain perceive colour.

Kate has the same thing about orange. I like blue on other people. I have blue eyes and in fact blue really suits me. But I hate wearing it and in particular don't wear light denim.

I am coming around to some blue - I have a maternity dress that is navy bordering on black, so that's as close as it gets at the moment. And I'm wearing more purple which is the other side of blue I guess.

I love blue precious stones - Ceylon sapphires and aquamarines. I love a rich sapphire colour. But wouldn't wear it in a pink fit.

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Anonymous said...

I too wear very little blue, but in my case I'm quite indifferent to it. Blue's ok, there's nothing offensive or dislikeable about it, it doesn't make me go yuck. But I wouldn't buy something blue if there was red or green or purple or black or any of the umpteen shades of those to choose from. I don't wear navy (I agree that school uniforms are to blame) and pale colours of any sort don't suit me, so I own very little blue clothing; I regard denim as a kind of neutral - I hardly think of it as blue.

Emma Someone said...

Yes to me denim is just a neutral but still - I don't wear light denim.

Pyrrha said...

I love blue so much! Almost my entire wardrobe seems to be blue these days, so I'm having to make myself branch out into greens and reds - I'd love to find a red t-shirt that suits me. I won't wear yellow (school uniform!).

Anyway, I'm glad I followed my instincts with the baby quilt - it's yellow, orange and red :) The top is done but I still need to put it together, quilt it and bind it. I'll be putting a label on the back with Puggle's name and birthdate, so it'll arrive soon after the birth :) I realise I don't have your address these days, so perhaps you could email it to me?


Nat said...

Oh dear, may you not have a boy for fear of drowning in a sea of baby blue clothing which you will inevitably get from all your friends and family! :D