Friday, December 11, 2009

10 Craft things that I have on my brain

Yep there are 10 projects that I want to get through before Puggles arrives. Which is in less than 100 days. So plenty of time!

Some of these need me to be using power tools which makes me really happy to!
  1. Decorate gumnuts to be silver bells for Midsummer
  2. Make a 4 seasons tree
  3. Replace the glass in 3 frames - broken by moi, and by the cat, and by the heat dropping one off the wall
  4. Hang all framed pictures on wall hooks!
  5. Make a cotton reel board
  6. Make wall buttons and decorate the bedroom wall
  7. Make 2x baby quilts
  8. Finish Puggle's Duck Soup jacket
  9. Decorate the bed head
  10. Put the decals on the kitchen table

joyous blogger


Mr. Puggle said...

Duck Soup jacket? Is that like a smoking jacket? You wear it while you eat duck soup? :)

Interesting thoughts you have about Christmas. I like your term giftmas. Christ has been taken out. Funny you guys celebrate it even though you are not Christians. As a Christian, I feel you are missing the best gift you could give yourself. Christ. And He is free.

Those shoes are adorable. I can see why you want them. Very clever.

Have a happy giftmas and blessed New Year.

The lady that feed Mr. Puggle

Emma Someone said...

Wow thanks for that. Nothing I like more than being prothletised at about something I don't believe in. Same with Liberals, anti-gay campaigners and those that like chocolate. Thankyou at least for being gentle about it :).

Duck Soup Jacket - Google is your friend. It's a very cute pattern for a baby jacket :). And as we have a very cute baby on the way, I thought I'd knit it - eventually! Cause it's taking a llooonnnnggg time :).

We are happy to say that we don't celebrate Christmas. We don't attend mass, or have a tree, or have santa mentioned, or Christ, or count the Advent or any of the things that I was raised with. What we do instead is be thankful for what we have, and try to share the love with our friends. Which is what Christmas should be about.