Sunday, December 27, 2009

What name shall we choose?

Seeing as we don't know the sex of Puggle, I thought I'd make a note of what sex people are predicting:
  1. Based on nothing at all / gut feeling, from everyone around me: About 75% are saying boy at the moment. (1:0)
  2. If you carry the baby out front (others can’t see your pregnancy from behind) then you will have a boy. If others can tell that you are pregnant when looking at you from behind, then you will have a girl. So a boy. (2:0)
  3. If the mother's age at conception and the year of conception are both even or both odd, the baby is a girl. If one is even and one is odd, the baby is a boy. So a girl. (2:1)
  4. Chinese calendar prediction: girl. (2:2)
  5. What side does the mum-to-be lay on while she's resting? If she lies on her left, it's a boy; on her right, it's a girl. So a boy. (3:2)
  6. According to a meta-old wives tale test, it's a girl. (3:3)
  7. Based on another meta-test: it's a girl. (3:4)
So most people around me are saying "boy" but most of the old wives tales are saying "girl" as is the Chinese calendar.

I'll let you know sometime around Eostre, ok?

It's a puggle.


Ness said...

Not so sure about the carrying forwards thing, a workmate was very thin but you still couldn't tell she was pregnant from behind with either of her pregnancies. She had two girls :-)

Do you have any gut feelings about it? Not asking you to share it, just wondering as that is often as/more accurate as anything else ;-p

Emma Someone said...

Well we've both had a dream that it is a but my gut feeling is a .

And yes, somewhere I have a reference that researched tue accuracy of various old wives tales and the most accurate one (ie better than chance) was "mother's intuition".

zang2424 said...

I've heard the carrying forwards thing before. It's been true in my fathers side of the family- my cousin had a boy a few weeks ago and as my nana and aunties put it "she had that bubble out the front, just like we've all had with our boys". My mum carried lower with my sis, and I've been told lower with me also- who knows though! It's just one of those theories. =)

Do agree that mothers intuition is usually the most accurate, though my aunty after having two boys was pregnant with twins and absolutely convinced she was going to have boys- they were both girls!

Are you going to decide on a few names for each sex beforehand and then pick the one that fits best after the birth? Or are you going to wait until it's born and then find some names and decide?

Emma Someone said...

Well if it's true on your dad's side then perhaps it's more genetics/physiological than the sex of the baby?

I was told the other day that if the line down your tummy is equal on top and bottom of your belly button, it's a boy. And if not it's a girl. Mine is really uneven, just for the record.

We've decided on boys names with a couple of back ups if it's completely wrong. Girls names - I think we've decided now. I think.